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Service Life, April-May 1976
The First S&H Torino Article
The origin of the TV show Torinos!
Cleveland Press, August 1976
Test Drive a S&H Gran Torino
Find out what they originally cost!
Motor Trend, December 1976
S&H TV Show Gran Torino
S&H Torino
Fabulous Mustangs and Exotic Fords, 1985
Starsky & Hutch Ride Again
S&H Torino
The Fairlaner, 1996
Limited Production S&H Gran Torinos
Their history, and more!
S&H Torino
The Fairlaner, 1996
Painting the S&H Gran Torinos
All about the color and the infamous stripe!
The Fairlaner, 2000
Conrad Bostron's 1976 S&H Gran Torino
How he found it and all the work he's done to it!
S&H Torino
The Fairlaner, 1998
Doug Stevenson's TV Show Torinos
All the details on two cars from the show!
Wall Street Journal, 2004
Limited Production S&H Torinos
Featuring John Q. & Terry F.'s cars, and this site.
S&H Torino
Mustangs & Fords, 2002
Steve Bordi's S&H Torino
Get the Full Story on Steve and his Dream Car!
S&H Torino
Road King Magazine, 2004
Carlisle, PA S&H Torino Reunion
Photos and Interviews from the 2004 Event
S&H Torino
New York Times, 2004
Limited Production S&H Torinos
Featuring Bobby C.'s car, and this site.
S&H Torino
Popular Hot Rodding, 2007
Jim Williams' S&H Torino
Great Photos, History, and Information
S&H Torino
Classic American Magazine, 2015
Hutch & Starsky (pdf)
Sam Greer's '74 Gran Torino & '73 Galaxie 500

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