S&H Torino Headquarters
Al V
.'s Rare Canadian
Limited Production
"Starsky & Hutch®" Gran Torino

This is one of only 100 S&H Torinos built for sale in Canada
(according to the
Cleveland Press article).
Al bought this car when he was 16 - it only had 22000 miles
on it and was rust free. It was owned by a cop in Toronto, Canada.
He raced it for a couple of years (it has a 460 with 411 gears and
the previous owner raced it before Al bought it). After two years Al
stored it and it hasn't seen the road since. It has white interior.

The "Remarks" Section of Al's Torino's Build Sheet.
Whereas all Limited Editions sold in the USA have
DSO numbers ending with 0022, so far all Canadian
S&H Torinos I know of have DSO numbers that end in 8000.
The Build Sheet for each car clearly states it is a factory S&H.


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