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A.E.'s 1975 Ford Torino
"Starsky & Hutch"®Replica

This 1975 Torino has a 351W Standard bore, 9.5 compression,
Edelbrock cam, Doubleroller timing chain, high volume oil pump,
chrome Molly oil pump shaft, stock cast iron 351W heads
(ported and polished), Edelbrock performer intake,
Edelbrock 600 CFM Carb. It has an FMX transmission, 10 inch
2200 stall & shift kit, Ford 9 inch 3.89 Posi rear-end.

At the Star Car Museum in Tennessee - it should be inside!

Hooker Super Comp Headers (Coated), 2 1/2" aluminum-coated tubing,
Xcelerator mufflers. The ignition is an MSD 6A Box, Blaster 2 coil,
8.5 mm plug wires, and MSD billet distributor. The paint is Chrysler
Colorado Red with a Ford Oxford White stripe (base coat/clear coat).

A.E.'s Torino (not Gran Torino, can you spot the minor differences?)
in between a future "General Lee" replica and
Frank K.'s
S&H Replica Gran Torino Sport at a car show in Tennessee!

At the 2002 Woodward Dream Cruise, with The General again.

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